Julia L F Goldstein

How Are You Changing the World?

Julia L F Goldstein

Welcome to my website. I became a professional writer via an unusual path. I started my career as an engineer, where I found myself being the team member writing the reports for government contracts and the articles for publication in the industry magazines. When I migrated to journalism in the early 2000s, writing and editing for a trade journal back when print magazines could attract enough advertisers to stay in business, people I met at trade shows assumed that I had a degree in English.  There's nothing wrong with majoring in English, but I loved seeing faces change when I told them I held a PhD in materials science.

My degree gives me credibility when talking with engineers and scientists, but I don't write like an academic.  If an intelligent English major can't understand what I'm saying, I need to explain it better. In my book, blog, and articles published in business magazines, I write in a voice that is both professional and friendly.

My career has taken some detours, such as the six years I spent teaching music to elementary school students. I'm a lifelong musician, even since I started piano lessons at age 7 and flute two years later. I had fun singing and dancing with 1st and 2nd graders, but after a few years, I realized that I wanted to move back into writing. The trade magazines where I had worked no longer existed, so I decided it was time to launch into commercial writing for companies. My business focuses on technical marketing, writing content that engineers and executives use to learn more about their industry or decide which products to buy.

As an author and blogger, I inform and inspire intelligent people who share my concern about the health of people and our planet. I combine stories from my personal experience with the knowledge I've gained from reading what others have written. I subscribe to e-newsletters on topics that center around environmental issues or corporate responsibility, and I enjoy reading a wide variety of nonfiction books (and sometimes fiction).

In 2017, I discovered the Nonfiction Authors Association and signed up to lead the Seattle chapter. I get to connect with other local authors and share strategies for writing, publishing, and promoting our nonfiction books.

I've lived in the Seattle area since 2014. When I'm not writing, I enjoy playing flute and piccolo in a community concert band and training for and participating in triathlons.  I have never done an Ironman distance and don't intend to, but the sport offers many shorter options. I appreciate living in an area where I can run and bicycle outdoors year-round, even though I need full fenders for cycling in the rain. I look forward to swimming in the lakes every summer.

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