Julia L F Goldstein

How Are You Changing the World?

Material Value

More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything From Cell Phones to Cleaning Products
By Julia L F Goldstein
Published by Bebo Press
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Creative Solutions from Smart Businesses

Are you concerned about plastic waste and its effect on public health and the environment? You're not alone.

Are you confused about recycling and composting and what to toss where? Join the club.

Read Material Value to learn about the challenges facing the manufacturing world and how to make choices that are less wasteful and less harmful to people and the environment. Discover:

  • How metals and plastics are made and what happens when they are recycled
  • The challenges that manufacturers face when trying to make their facilities and products less toxic and less wasteful
  • How manufacturers can extract the value of materials while doing less damage to human health and the environment
  • The role of individuals, agencies, and governments in improving the use and reuse of materials
  • How regulations can stifle or promote innovation
  • How smart companies are embracing the triple bottom line—profit, people, planet—to yield creative solutions that make manufacturing safer and less wasteful
  • Why some big corporations painted as evildoers deserve a second look.
  • How reporting standards are making it easier to get a full picture of a company’s environmental footprint

Get the inside scoop from:

  • A business owner recycling scrap from airplane manufacturing
  • A former geologist running a chain of donut shops
  • Two entrepreneurs committed to improving e-waste processing
  • An executive promoting social and environmental responsibility at a major electronics company
  • A chemist developing safer cleaning products
  • Consultants helping businesses embrace practices that save resources and money
  • Other business professionals devoted to making the world a better place

Concerned citizens with or without a background in manufacturing or business will find surprising answers to the questions facing companies as they work toward making better use and reuse of materials. Readers will come away with a new awareness of the steps they can take to help the business world succeed in making manufacturing more sustainable and less wasteful. Finalist, 2019 San Francisco Writers Contest. eBook Cover Design Award Winner, October 2019.


Perfect | 240 pages | $16.99US | 6x9 | 978-0-9995956-1-9 | April 22, 2019