Julia L F Goldstein

How Are You Changing the World?

Material Value

More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything From Cell Phones to Cleaning Products
By Julia L F Goldstein
Published by Bebo Press
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Read this unique perspective on environmental sustainability to learn:

  • How metals and plastics are made and what happens when they are recycled
  • The challenges that manufacturers face when trying to make their facilities and products less toxic and less wasteful
  • How manufacturers can extract the value of materials while doing less damage to human health and the environment
  • The role of individuals, agencies, and governments in improving the use and reuse of materials
  • How regulations can stifle or promote innovation
  • How smart companies are embracing the triple bottom line—profit, people, planet—to yield creative solutions that make manufacturing safer and less wasteful
  • Why some big corporations painted as evildoers deserve a second look.
  • How reporting standards are making it easier to get a full picture of a company’s environmental footprint

Get the inside scoop from:

  • A business owner recycling scrap from airplane manufacturing
  • A former geologist running a chain of donut shops
  • Two entrepreneurs committed to improving e-waste processing
  • An executive promoting social and environmental responsibility at a major electronics company
  • A chemist developing safer cleaning products
  • Consultants helping businesses embrace practices that save resources and money
  • Other business professionals devoted to making the world a better place

Concerned citizens with or without a background in manufacturing or business will find surprising answers to the questions facing companies as they work toward making better use and reuse of materials. Readers will come away with a new awareness of the steps they can take to help the business world succeed in making manufacturing more sustainable and less wasteful.

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Perfect | 240 pages | $16.99US | 6x9 | 978-0-9995956-1-9 | April 22, 2019